2016-2017 Details (Current Season), Seasons (Minor Oaks Hockey Association)

Print2016-2017 Details (Current Season)
  • 18 - 20 - 6
    Coached by Chris Clarke, Carm Cirella, Mark Cummings. Team staff include Anand Maharaj, Marianne Cummings. Sponsored by BEVERLY INVESTMENTS, K DESIGN CUSTOM CABINETRY, ROCK CLIFF CUSTOM HOMES, Carpet Warehouse, JAMES STANLEY - RE/MAX ABOUTOWNE REALTY CORP., Canoe Financial, Michael Currie - Broker/Sales Representative RE/MAX Realty Enterprises Inc., Brokerage, PwC.
  • 10 - 24 - 6
    Minor Atom
    Coached by Nic Martins, Will Mansour, Pat St. James. Team staff include Colin Ivey, Craig Barr, Nancy Barr.
  • 6 - 27 - 7
    Coached by Rob Heitzner, Ian Dann, Ron Roseland-Barnes. Team staff include Milt Tsiapalis, Keith Roseland-Barnes, Mandy Venter, Lindy Theron. Sponsored by Geotab, Inc., Oakshore Construction, Dynamic Functional Solutions, TWD Technologies, Royal Le Page - Stefani Penner, Vision-source, ReMax - Patti Natyshak, Raffi Jewellers, Dentistry 2000, Callisto Integration, 7 Communications.
  • 40 - 3 - 5
    Minor PeeWee
    Coached by Jaan Luik, Aaron Jarc, Bob Zebeski. Team staff include Dave Gillespie, Patrick Ritchie, Mike Lardis.
  • 18 - 23 - 4
    Coached by Chris Wardlaw, Roy Gringmuth. Team staff include Cole Buchan, Denise Kollee, Chris Arnold.
  • 20 - 20 - 9
    Minor Bantam
    Coached by Mike DeRenzis, Dominic DeRenzis, Mark Runciman. Team staff include Joel Selinger, Jordan Selinger, Ann Legault. Sponsored by Oakville Home Leisure, Sweatman Law Firm, Schiavone Diamond, D-SURVEY , Churchill Meadows Animal Hospital, Aarons Finest Landscaping.
  • 41 - 5 - 2
    Coached by Gord Hynes, Kris Halinen, Jaan Luik. Team staff include Jeff Smeaton, Glen MacDonald, Rina Atkinson. Latest news: "Victory at Toronto Marlboros International Classic" (Feb 13).
  • 11 - 20 - 9
    Minor Midget
    Coached by Richard Holder, Sean Carter, Gerry Hackett. Team staff include Dean Hiebert.
  • 44 - 3 - 3
    Coached by Mike Bentivegna, Rob Bentivegna, Brad Putnam. Team staff include Jeffrey Belgue.
Rep AA
  • 41 - 24 - 4
    Coached by Matthew Nesbitt, Ryan Wood. Team staff include Lance Belchetz, Eldon Low, Derek Stock, Dave Shaw. Sponsored by Tee Jay Instrumentation, Reuven International, Goldrich Printpack Inc. . Latest news: "Silver at the Stick" (Nov 21).
  • 23 - 15 - 6
    Minor Atom
    Coached by Zoltan Nemcsek, Barry Adams, Garth Lauer. Team staff include Paul Grech, Clarke Melville, Melissa Grech.
  • 28 - 18 - 11
    Coached by Scott Colwill, Steve Thorpe. Team staff include Mark Lewandowski, Jamie Dinsmore, Geoff Bagnall.
  • 30 - 8 - 3
    Minor PeeWee
    Coached by Brent Wagner, Bob Gray. Team staff include Francis Ligon, Joe Farrell, Allan Noble, Liane Beaupre. Latest news: "Minor Peewee AA - Silver Stick Champions!" (Nov 27).
  • 29 - 9 - 10
    Coached by Nelson Pavao, Brent Scarrow. Team staff include Rob Glover, Don Churchill, Fabio De Rango, Al Gregoire.
  • 22 - 12 - 8
    Minor Bantam AA-1
    Coached by Steve Doherty, Michael Dundas. Team staff include Shawn Fisher, Darryl Hughes.
  • 23 - 29 - 7
    Minor Bantam AA-2
    Coached by Paul Gorman, Doug Adams, Phil Gawronski. Team staff include David Harper, Shawna Gorman. Sponsored by Elm Hill Cookies, Elsley Optical. Latest news: "Teens & Sport" (Oct 10).
  • 36 - 6 - 2
    Bantam AA-1
    Coached by Scott Stevenson, Robert Forbes. Team staff include Dave Langill, Mike Aloe.
  • 28 - 17 - 10
    Bantam AA-2
    Coached by Rick Goverde, Paul Jeffrey, Jason McLeish, David Weber. Team staff include Steve Sheppard, Carole Stallworthy.
  • 27 - 9 - 4
    Minor Midget
    Coached by Joe Baldin, Chris Hudson. Team staff include Kelly Milroy, James Gauthier, Liliana Ionno.
  • No Scores ReportedMidget
    No coaches have been assigned to this team.
Rep A
  • 14 - 26 - 5
    Coached by Kuljit (Raja) Gill, Mark Pospisil. Team staff include Troy Lindmeier, James Clarke, David Luciani, Ellen Kerr, Jeff Morrow. Sponsored by Muscletech, Torlys, Lawrasons, Schiavone Diamond, River Glen Dental.
  • 19 - 17 - 4
    Minor Atom
    Coached by Jay Prentice, Marco Armilio, Dan Lavallee. Team staff include Jamie Ewart, Stephen Sparling, Sona Castellarin. Sponsored by Seven Speed Motors Inc., Dr. Robert Saunders and Oakville Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, Jamie Vieira & Associates. Latest news: "Jamie Vieira & Associates Sponsor Minor Atom A Team Jerseys" (Oct 31).
  • 28 - 9 - 3
    Coached by John Mann, Joel McArter, Shawn Wilson. Team staff include Chris Drennan, Alex Janavicius.
  • 18 - 19 - 6
    Minor PeeWee A-1
    Coached by Rod Thacker, Kevin Harper. Team staff include Michelle Henshaw, Paul Donolo, Brian Gabany. Sponsored by Aecon, Wilk & Wilk Orthodontics, B.Good, Spencer's At The Waterfront. Latest news: "Sponsorship Event for MP-A1 Rangers at BGood Restaurant" (Feb 14). Next event: "Power Skating Session" (6:30 PM-7:30 PM).
  • 35 - 20 - 8
    Minor PeeWee A-2
    Coached by Mark Pospisil, Raj Kandola, Jeff Morrow. Team staff include Tom Rokicki, Mark Mazzon. Sponsored by Centennial Law Group, Lexus of Oakville, Inline Fiberglass, Pipes & Taps Pub, Bluecap Financial, Safari Dentistry, Guelph Line Dental, Kennedy Ford, Lighthouse Dental Care.
  • 57 - 13 - 6
    PeeWee A-1
    Coached by John Verdon, Allen Elson. Team staff include Pat Carey, Brian Birchenough, Anthony Turco, Katie Turco. Sponsored by Orthodontically Yours, Longos, Funky Thai, Md Management, One Fertility, Squint Eyewear, Volvo Oakville, Procor, Stacey Saunders Dentistry, Julia Kovalenko CGA, Dr Simon Pong, ACI Brands, Confident Smile, Le Dome Banquet Halls. Latest news: "Training Camp starts this weekend!" (Aug 23).
  • 21 - 28 - 8
    PeeWee A-2
    Coached by Kevin Brenders, Dave Hartley, Bill Siountres. Team staff include Bruce Campbell, George Louro, Myriah Graves. Sponsored by Dufferin Concrete, Ignite, Pioneer Family Pools, Birchall & Associates Inc., Outdoor Lifestyles, Milwaukee Tool, Oakpark Pet Hospital, Boomerang, Dr. Stephen Phelan, DDS..
  • 20 - 17 - 3
    Minor Bantam
    Coached by James Brown, Chris Penman, Donald Simpson. Team staff include Mike Greenhalgh, Paul Kranjac. Latest news: "Flatwater Bantam A Champions!" (Oct 11).
  • 29 - 10 - 8
    Bantam A-1
    Coached by Kevin Schledewitz, Jason Diplock, Brent Van Laare. Team staff include Greg Teague, Peter Mahovlich, Kristen Ligon.
  • 17 - 22 - 6
    Bantam A-2
    Coached by Bob Langlois, Thalia Lusterio, Danny Wong. Team staff include Chris Gigeris, Robert Crawford.
  • 33 - 5 - 1
    Minor Midget A-1
    Coached by Cory Camilleri, Jordan Camilleri, Mark Cece. Team staff include Elizabeth Glube, Charles Camilleri, Michelle Heaphy.
  • 16 - 22 - 3
    Minor Midget A-2
    Coached by Nigel Babb, David Lawlor, David Sasaki. Team staff include Miles Kealey, Marc Sorrenti, Mary Boynton-Kelly.
Rep AE
  • 55 - 6 - 1
    Minor Atom
    Coached by Greg Newton, Adam Jezewski, Eric Richardson. Team staff include Shane Pepin, Kenneth Wong, Myriah Graves. Sponsored by Dorbar Group Benefits Consultant. Latest news: "Minor Atom AE Team Wins the Richard Bell Memorial Tournament" (Jan 10).
  • 44 - 17 - 3
    Coached by Trent Erickson, Dino Marchioli, Brian Pedlar. Team staff include Brent Walker, Peter O'Connell, KariLynn Erickson. Sponsored by Morrison Park Advisors, Clarity Services, Total ACH, Audcomp, Source Office Furnishings, LeadsMarket.com, TD Bank, Powell Insurance Brokers, Rise Office Furniture, Epic Loan Systems, Roc'n Doc's, DataX, Atrium Banquet & Conference Centre. Latest news: "Justin Williams Cup tournament champions" (Sep 12).
  • 46 - 10 - 3
    Minor PeeWee
    Coached by George Bach, Jacob Bach. Team staff include David Brown, Stephen Gittens, Mark Ellis, Karley Gittens.
  • 38 - 6 - 3
    Coached by Jim Chapman, Craig Cooper, Mike Reid. Team staff include Tony Lipinski, Paul Begin, Sheri Chapman. Sponsored by Frisco Desgin Inc., HUB International HKMB Limited, Reflections Dental, TD Bank. Latest news: "Rangers take GOLD in Lake Placid, NY" (Dec 05).
  • 35 - 9 - 2
    Minor Bantam
    Coached by Brent Robertson, Bill Bolender, Brent Larson. Team staff include Jeffrey Sholdice, John Um, Karen Swatuk.
  • 28 - 7 - 5
    Minor Midget
    Coached by Mark Moro, Ted Blacker, Chris Martin, Mark Soubry. Team staff include Robert Bodner, Dave Duggan. Sponsored by South Oakville Chrysler, YRC Reimer , b.good, Shoplogix.
  • 22 - 14 - 2
    Tyke 1
    Coached by Frank Broglio, Mike Malloy. Team staff include Daryle Godard, Kevin Stratton, David Luciani, Charles Freeman. Sponsored by Lawrason's, Policaro, UniFirst.
  • 5 - 21 - 8
    Tyke 2
    Coached by Michael Hawtin, Marco Armilio, Chris Lane. Team staff include Rob Magri, Jeffrey Gilliland, Lisa Hawtin.
  • 18 - 11 - 6
    Tyke 3
    Coached by Randy Oswald, Simon Deschamps, Dan Gilpin. Team staff include David Buzzelli, Riley Watson, Mirella D'Avanzo. Sponsored by TaxUS, Canada Computers, Heather Astaphan, RE/MAX Aboutowne Realty Corp, Mid-Range Computer Group Inc..
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