Organization Contact List (Oakville Rangers Hockey Club)

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ExecutiveJohn VerdonPresident(416) 417-7373 (c)
ExecutiveChris BrownVP Finance(416) 602-9052 (c)
ExecutiveAnn LegaultVP House League(289) 952-8965 (c)
ExecutiveCandice SarneckiVP House League(416) 320-4498 (c)
ExecutiveJaime VolkVP House League(416) 599-1784 (c) (c)
ExecutiveGreg RuddellVP House League(289) 681-5703 (c) (c)
ExecutiveJim WebsterVP AAA and Player Development905-827-7172 (c)
ExecutivePaul HarveyVP Rep AA - AE(416) 562-4416 (c)
ExecutiveRichard HillVP Marketing and Sponsorship(416) 727-5494 (c)
Executive TBA TBAChair of Dispute Resolution
ExecutiveMelissa WolkOperations Manager(905) 338-9220 x 203 (w)
ExecutiveMike AloeDirector(905) 580-0595 (c)
ExecutiveDavid LangillDirector(905) 334-1132 (c)
ExecutiveChuck MacGregorDirector(905) 465-2276 (c)
ExecutiveWerner MullerDirector(905) 464-1094 (c) (c)
ExecutiveErnie RampinoDirector(905) 257-4724 (h)
ExecutiveTodd RomboughDirector(416) 436-4176 (c)
ExecutiveJeannine Rowe MarmenDirector(905) 330-2703 (c)
ExecutiveMarshall SnowballDirector(905) 339-6931 (c)
ExecutiveScott StevensonDirector(416) 277-5533 (c)
ExecutiveJeff StewardDirector(905) 730-4032 (c) (c)
Org StaffMelissa WolkOperations Manager(905) 338-9220 x203 (w)
Org StaffCheryle HinderMembership Services Coordinator(905) 338-9220 x204 (w)
Org StaffNathan McAnshTeam Administration Coordinator(905) 338-9220 x205 (w)
Org StaffKaren PikeAdministrative Assistant(905) 338-9220 x201 (w)
TYKE - Tyke 1Michael HawtinHead Coach
TYKE - Tyke 1Nathan BrownCoach
TYKE - Tyke 1Simon DeschampsCoach
TYKE - Tyke 1Riley WatsonCoach
TYKE - Tyke 1Ted EversonTrainer
TYKE - Tyke 1Jeffrey StewardManager
TYKE - Tyke 2Jeff HaydarHead Coach
TYKE - Tyke 2Shawn DelahuntCoach
TYKE - Tyke 2Jake MacleodCoach
TYKE - Tyke 2Todd NelsonTrainer
TYKE - Tyke 2George BenakopoulosManager
TYKE - Tyke 2Ellen KerrManager
TYKE - Tyke 3Adrian IngogliaHead Coach
TYKE - Tyke 3Greg TilleyCoach
TYKE - Tyke 3Chris StadnikTrainer
TYKE - Tyke 3Bernard RokickiAssistant Trainer
TYKE - Tyke 3Shawna LegereManager
TYKE - Tyke 3Tony RomanyManager
AAA - Novice AAAFrank BroglioHead Coach
AAA - Novice AAADavid LucianiCoach
AAA - Novice AAAMike MalloyCoach
AAA - Novice AAADaryle GodardTrainer
AAA - Novice AAADavid GillespieAssistant Trainer
AAA - Novice AAACharles FreemanManager
AAA - Minor Atom AAABrent WagnerHead Coach
AAA - Minor Atom AAADarryl McwatersCoach
AAA - Minor Atom AAAJarda SmrzCoach
AAA - Minor Atom AAAMatthew CroskeryTrainer
AAA - Minor Atom AAACarrie FletcherManager
AAA - Atom AAAWill MansourHead Coach
AAA - Atom AAAColin IveyCoach
AAA - Atom AAASergio MarandolaCoach
AAA - Atom AAARoderick PamenterCoach
AAA - Atom AAANigel SmithTrainer
AAA - Atom AAAErika IveyManager
AAA - Minor Peewee AAABrent RobertsonHead Coach
AAA - Minor Peewee AAADean Van VlietCoach
AAA - Minor Peewee AAAJames MccullyTrainer
AAA - Minor Peewee AAAIan DannManager
AAA - Minor Peewee AAAJennifer Delea MccullyManager
AAA - Peewee AAAJaan LuikHead Coach
AAA - Peewee AAAAaron JarcCoach
AAA - Peewee AAAKyle MorrisonCoach
AAA - Peewee AAAJustin PereiraCoach
AAA - Peewee AAABob ZebeskiTrainer
AAA - Peewee AAAMike LardisManager
AAA - Minor Bantam AAAChristopher WardlawHead Coach
AAA - Minor Bantam AAAAdrianna BonuttiTrainer
AAA - Minor Bantam AAACole BuchanAssistant Trainer
AAA - Minor Bantam AAAClayton KolleeManager
AAA - Bantam AAAMichael DerenzisHead Coach
AAA - Bantam AAADominic DerenzisCoach
AAA - Bantam AAAMark RuncimanCoach
AAA - Bantam AAAJoel SelingerTrainer
AAA - Bantam AAAAnn LegaultManager
AAA - Bantam AAAJordan SelingerManager
AAA - Minor Midget AAAGordon HynesHead Coach
AAA - Minor Midget AAAKris HalinenCoach
AAA - Minor Midget AAAJaan LuikCoach
AAA - Minor Midget AAAJeff SmeatonTrainer
AAA - Minor Midget AAAGlen MacdonaldAssistant Trainer
AAA - Minor Midget AAARina AtkinsonManager
AAA - Midget AAAMichael BentivegnaHead Coach
AAA - Midget AAARob BentivegnaCoach
AAA - Midget AAAScott LiskoCoach
AAA - Midget AAAZachery HartwickTrainer
AA - Novice AAMarco ArmilioHead Coach
AA - Novice AAChris LaneCoach
AA - Novice AADavid BuzzelliTrainer
AA - Novice AARob MagriAssistant Trainer
AA - Novice AAJeffrey GillelandManager
AA - Novice AAJulie MarchioliManager
AA - Minor Atom AAMatthew NesbittHead Coach
AA - Minor Atom AARyan WoodCoach
AA - Minor Atom AALance BelchetzTrainer
AA - Minor Atom AAEldon LowAssistant Trainer
AA - Minor Atom AADavid ShawManager
AA - Minor Atom AADerek StockManager
AA - Atom AAZoltan NemcsekHead Coach
AA - Atom AABarry AdamsCoach
AA - Atom AAPaul GrechTrainer
AA - Atom AAJoe FarrellAssistant Trainer
AA - Atom AAMelissa GrechManager
AA - Minor Peewee AAScott ColwillHead Coach
AA - Minor Peewee AAEddie ChoiCoach
AA - Minor Peewee AAMilt TsiapalisTrainer
AA - Minor Peewee AAJamie DinsmoreAssistant Trainer
AA - Minor Peewee AAGeoff BagnallManager[email protected] (w)
AA - Peewee AA RedFrancis LigonHead Coach
AA - Peewee AA RedBob GrayCoach(905) 825-3736 (h) (289) 795-1971 (c)
AA - Peewee AA RedRod ThackerCoach
AA - Peewee AA RedJoe FarrellTrainer
AA - Peewee AA RedSusan PerryAssistant Trainer
AA - Peewee AA RedLiane BeaupreManager
AA - Peewee AA BlueBob LangloisHead Coach
AA - Peewee AA BlueMartin MclenahanCoach
AA - Peewee AA BlueTom RokickiTrainer
AA - Peewee AA BlueRaj KandolaAssistant Trainer
AA - Peewee AA BlueScott MacdonaldManager
AA - Minor Bantam AA RedFabio De RangoHead Coach
AA - Minor Bantam AA RedDominick HardyCoach
AA - Minor Bantam AA RedTracy VinczeTrainer
AA - Minor Bantam AA RedDon ChurchillAssistant Trainer
AA - Minor Bantam AA RedLauren CaringiManager
AA - Minor Bantam AA RedAngelo MarandolaManager
AA - Minor Bantam AA BlueAllen ElsonHead Coach
AA - Minor Bantam AA BluePat CareyCoach
AA - Minor Bantam AA BlueBrian BirchenoughTrainer
AA - Minor Bantam AA BlueStuart MckayAssistant Trainer
AA - Minor Bantam AA BlueBruce FrauleyManager
AA - Minor Bantam AA BlueCarole SassManager
AA - Bantam AA RedPaul GormanHead Coach
AA - Bantam AA RedPhil GawronskiCoach
AA - Bantam AA RedDavid HarperCoach
AA - Bantam AA RedCharles AbrahamTrainer
AA - Bantam AA RedShawna GormanManager
AA - Bantam AA BlueMichael Parker DundasHead Coach
AA - Bantam AA BlueGeoff NiblettCoach
AA - Bantam AA BlueIan H. TaylorCoach
AA - Bantam AA BlueShawn FisherTrainer
AA - Bantam AA BlueDarryl HughesManager
AA - Minor Midget AA RedJoe BaldinHead Coach
AA - Minor Midget AA RedChris HudsonCoach
AA - Minor Midget AA RedPetri LyytikainenCoach
AA - Minor Midget AA RedBrent ScarrowTrainer
AA - Minor Midget AA RedLiliana IonnoManager
AA - Minor Midget AA BlueJason McleishHead Coach
AA - Minor Midget AA BluePaul JeffreyCoach
AA - Minor Midget AA BlueDoug VollansCoach
AA - Minor Midget AA BlueGreg TeagueTrainer
AA - Minor Midget AA BlueChris ShannonManager
AA - Midget AACory CamilleriHead Coach
AA - Midget AAJordan CamilleriCoach
AA - Midget AAMark CeceCoach
AA - Midget AACharles CamilleriTrainer
AA - Midget AAMeghan SmartAssistant Trainer
AA - Midget AAMarie De RangoManager
A - Novice ARandy OswaldHead Coach
A - Novice ADan GilpinCoach
A - Novice ABill SiountresCoach
A - Novice ASean NormanTrainer
A - Novice AGraham SamsAssistant Trainer
A - Novice AMirella D'avanzoManager
A - Minor Atom AKuljit GillHead Coach
A - Minor Atom AMike McknightCoach
A - Minor Atom AJeff MorrowCoach
A - Minor Atom ADino ZarlengaCoach
A - Minor Atom ATroy LindmeierTrainer
A - Minor Atom AEllen KerrManager
A - Atom A RedGreg NewtonHead Coach
A - Atom A RedAdam JezewskiCoach
A - Atom A RedEric RichardsonCoach
A - Atom A RedJamie EwartTrainer
A - Atom A RedShane PepinAssistant Trainer
A - Atom A RedSonia KalraManager
A - Atom A BlueDan LavalleeHead Coach
A - Atom A BlueDuane SnelgroveCoach
A - Atom A BlueRobert WoolstencroftCoach
A - Atom A BlueDavid CaringiTrainer
A - Atom A BluePaul RussAssistant Trainer
A - Atom A BlueLauren CaringiManager
A - Minor Peewee A RedShawn WilsonHead Coach
A - Minor Peewee A RedGeorge BenakopoulosCoach
A - Minor Peewee A RedJoel McarterCoach
A - Minor Peewee A RedChris DrennanTrainer
A - Minor Peewee A RedAlex JanaviciusManager[email protected] (w)
A - Minor Peewee A BlueBrian PedlarHead Coach
A - Minor Peewee A BlueDino MarchioliCoach
A - Minor Peewee A BluePeter O'connellCoach
A - Minor Peewee A BlueKen LecuyerTrainer
A - Minor Peewee A BlueMario NimacAssistant Trainer
A - Minor Peewee A BlueWynne JamesManager
A - Minor Peewee A BlueMark RobinsonManager
A - Peewee A RedGeorge BachHead Coach
A - Peewee A RedStephen GittensCoach
A - Peewee A RedDavid BrownTrainer
A - Peewee A RedMark EllisAssistant Trainer
A - Peewee A RedKarley GittensManager
A - Peewee A RedJason PitreManager
A - Peewee A BlueMark PospisilHead Coach
A - Peewee A BlueSteve DixonCoach
A - Peewee A BlueKevin HarperCoach
A - Peewee A BlueTodd DelamereTrainer
A - Peewee A BlueMark MazzonManager[email protected] (w)
A - Minor Bantam A RedJohn VerdonHead Coach
A - Minor Bantam A RedRob WeirCoach
A - Minor Bantam A RedAnthony TurcoTrainer
A - Minor Bantam A RedMichelle ConstantopoulosManager
A - Minor Bantam A RedRob HeitznerManager
A - Minor Bantam A BlueJim ChapmanHead Coach
A - Minor Bantam A BlueCraig CooperCoach
A - Minor Bantam A BlueDavid JesseauCoach
A - Minor Bantam A BlueMike ReidCoach
A - Minor Bantam A BluePaul BeginTrainer
A - Minor Bantam A BlueSheri ChapmanManager
A - Bantam A RedChris PenmanHead Coach
A - Bantam A RedMarty BlakeCoach
A - Bantam A RedDonald SimpsonCoach
A - Bantam A RedJeffrey SholdiceTrainer
A - Bantam A RedMike HowdenAssistant Trainer
A - Bantam A RedPaul KranjacManager
A - Bantam A BlueBrent LarsonHead Coach
A - Bantam A BlueBill BolenderCoach
A - Bantam A BlueBill FinkleCoach
A - Bantam A BlueJohn UmTrainer
A - Bantam A BlueMike GreenhalghAssistant Trainer
A - Bantam A BlueChris FluitManager
A - Minor Midget A RedKevin SchledewitzHead Coach
A - Minor Midget A RedDanny WongCoach
A - Minor Midget A RedChris GigerisTrainer
A - Minor Midget A RedBob LangloisAssistant Trainer
A - Minor Midget A RedJimmy BlackwoodManager
A - Minor Midget A RedCarole StallworthyManager
A - Minor Midget A BlueGeoff BlackwellHead Coach
A - Minor Midget A BlueJoel DarlingCoach
A - Minor Midget A BlueBradley WebsterCoach
A - Minor Midget A BlueMichael FeaverTrainer
A - Minor Midget A BlueSheila DarlingManager
A - Midget AMark MoroHead Coach
A - Midget ATed BlackerCoach
A - Midget AMichael MccullochCoach
A - Midget AMiles KealeyTrainer
A - Midget ADave DugganManager
AE - Novice AEJeffrey MaddoxHead Coach
AE - Novice AEDean LanganCoach
AE - Novice AEMichael RogersCoach
AE - Novice AEAsif AliTrainer
AE - Novice AEAlan MangarooAssistant Trainer
AE - Novice AESonia KalraManager
AE - Minor Atom AEBryan WoodsHead Coach
AE - Minor Atom AEJamie MacdonaldCoach
AE - Minor Atom AETarnveer BalTrainer
AE - Minor Atom AEJames ClarkeAssistant Trainer
AE - Minor Atom AEJoe EdwardsAssistant Trainer
AE - Minor Atom AETara BalManager
AE - Atom AETerry MartinoHead Coach
AE - Atom AEBradley BruceCoach
AE - Atom AEDave WilsonCoach
AE - Atom AEJohn MorganTrainer
AE - Atom AERob KingAssistant Trainer
AE - Atom AEKathryn LawrieManager
AE - Minor Peewee AEScott MooreHead Coach
AE - Minor Peewee AEAndrew FollandCoach
AE - Minor Peewee AEPablo AbarcaTrainer
AE - Minor Peewee AETodd GaultAssistant Trainer
AE - Minor Peewee AEMark AfheldtManager
AE - Minor Peewee AEStacey SinclairManager
AE - Peewee AEGregory LahnHead Coach
AE - Peewee AETed SimpsonCoach
AE - Peewee AEKen WillsCoach
AE - Peewee AEDoug FindlayTrainer
AE - Peewee AETodd ParkerAssistant Trainer
AE - Peewee AEGayle WaddenManager
AE - Minor Bantam AEScott MooreHead Coach
AE - Minor Bantam AEDan ColagiacomoCoach
AE - Minor Bantam AEBart MazzocatoCoach
AE - Minor Bantam AEBruce CampbellTrainer
AE - Minor Bantam AEVanessa BlumerManager
AE - Minor Bantam AEDebbie Van Der BeekManager
AE - Bantam AEMike GoodfellowHead Coach
AE - Bantam AEScott ChornousCoach
AE - Bantam AEPaul DormerCoach
AE - Bantam AEWayne MyersTrainer
AE - Bantam AEGreg BedardAssistant Trainer
AE - Bantam AESabrina GoodfellowManager
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